Thousands of solutions for the same problem! Each student creates with Python their own solution to the challenges posed in CodedArena™.


Every mission in CodedArena™ is a challenge to solve, a problem to tackle. And with CodedArena™, students create their own solutions in Python to solve them.


Solving big problems requires taking small steps, calmly, in an orderly manner. With CodedArena™ students will advance step by step, letting them learn in an organized way, tackling problems in small steps.


Why didn't my character perform the action I expected it to do? What went wrong with my code? How can i improve it?

Through the trial and error paradigm, and by analyzing their errors, students and teachers will advance in the development of Python code



If there is a formula that consolidates acquired knowledge, it is the competition. And if this competition is carried out in a collaborative way, the benefit is extraordinary.

CodedArena™ provides tools to create competitions within the classroom or school, so students can put their knowledge to the test.

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Abstract problems are not solved on the first try. You have to come up with solutions, test them, and learn from the result, be it success or failure. And then try again.

At CodedArena™, code challenges require testing and improving your algorithms. And by solving the missions, students feel the satisfaction of having persevered.


"I didn't fail 999 times. The light bulb was an invention with 999 steps." - Thomas Alva Edison

In CodedArena™ students discover how to face a challenge in Python, until they can build the code that solves it. Taking small steps, learning from the bright side of every programming mistake they make


Nothing is more rewarding for a student than achieving success in a hard-earned way. Knowing that the Python code that solved the challenge was the result of their creativity, their ability to imagine the solution, and their knowledge on combining the elements of Python to solve it.